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Love Guaranteed Saturday, February 13, 2021



Susan Whitaker is a saintly lawyer working pro bono for the poor and underprivileged. So much so that her firm can’t afford water. So when, the apparently wealthy, Nick Evans arrives with a big cheque to sue the dating website “Love Guaranteed” Susan reluctantly takes the case.

“Love Guaranteed” is more of a romantic movie that happens to have a few jokes in it than a romantic comedy. As a collector and supporter of physical media, I found one joke about DVD players particularly irksome. Overall the movie is pleasant with no surprises. The purity of the lead leaves no real room for character development and the romantic chemistry is lacking. That said, I did enjoy the movie. I don’t have anything to point to say “this is why I liked it”, but I don’t regret watching it.

The biggest upside of “Love Guaranteed” is its near complete absence of objectionable content. It may be the cleanest romance movie I have ever seen. I’m not willing to call it Family Friendly because I’m confident my mini-reviewers would find no interest in it at all, but you could watch it with anybody and not have to worry about any cover your eyes moments. 

I try to watch all movies twice before reviewing them. I was not looking forward to watching “Love Guaranteed” a second time. I did enjoy the movie the first time, it just doesn’t have anything special to bring you back.

I give “Love Guaranteed” a 6/10. I did enjoy it, but I’ll probably never watch it again. If you are looking for a romance movie to watch with your teens this is probably a good choice.



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