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Kong: Skull Island Saturday, March 13, 2021



As the Vietnam war ends an island is discovered by satellite and a geographic survey team is being sent. The Monarch organization hitches a ride and arranges for a military escort to what they refer to as Skull Island. Soldiers, that were about to go home, are pressed into service as the escort. Monarch also contracts a tracker to help guide the exploratory expedition. There is also an anti-war photographer that comes along.

“Kong: Skull Island” is not a mysterious “try and find the monster” suspenseful film. It’s a rock ‘em sock ‘em monster fight movie where you see Kong in the opening minutes. There are at least six fight scenes which are pretty good. Kong is big, strong, and eager to battle anyone that pounds on his door. The human stories here are mixed. I think the protagonists are meant to be the tracker and the photographer, but the tracker is rather uninteresting with his best scene being his introduction and the photographer seems to be actively trying be unlikeable. The best character is Hank a pilot played by John C. Reilly. He brings the comedy relief and a large portion of human interest to the story. The story, other than a few “why would you do that moments?”, is better than I expected. There are themes reminiscent of Moby Dick, I haven’t read Moby Dick, but I think there are similarities.

The sets are beautiful, the monsters look great, the soundtrack and audio mix are excellent. As with most monster movies having good equipment is going to help your enjoyment of Kong. I wouldn’t watch this one on a plane. Kong is not a small screen experience. 

Keep the kids away from “Kong: Skull Island”. With loads of gory violence and significant, occasionally aggressive, course language it is not for gentle people.

If you don’t want to see a giant apes, monsters and humans in brutal combat “Kong: Skull Island” is not for you. The story doesn’t carry the film and you would probably describe the film as “they go to the island and then they fight, then they go over there and they fight, go over the hill and fight…”. I like it, but it is certainly on the upper limit of my tolerance for gore.

I give “Kong: Skull Island” a 7/10. If you like a big, loud, action filled monster movies watch it. Otherwise you can probably pass. 

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