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The Tomorrow War Saturday, July 17, 2021



Thirty years in the future aliens have attacked wiping out almost all of humanity. The humans have created a time travel machine to bring people from the past to fight the war in the future. Why not teach people in the present how to fight the aliens so when they first arrive they get wiped out right away? No reason really. You might say “Logan, but that would mess with the time travel continuity.” Yes it would, but the filmmakers aren’t really worried about that.


This movie is kind of fun to watch. The first half of the movie seems to set thing ups pretty nicely and is leading to what appears could be a pretty cool ending, but it doesn’t really turn out that way. There is a lot of stuff laid out that doesn’t ever get a payoff. There are just too many “wait couldn’t you just solve everything by doing - insert obvious solution here” moments in the second half of the movie. The pacing also has a few problems. The movie starts with a flash to a moment in the middle of the movie like “coming up” clip from a YouTube video. It has no context that and is completely meaningless. It basically is just telling us “the main character is going to have some bad stuff happen to him”. The flow for most of the movie is pretty good though.


This is an action movie that probably should have leaned more into the horror. And I don’t really like horror. The aliens are basically albino Zerglings crossed with Hydralisks. For those less familiar with Starcraft they are giant doglike insects that can shoot spikes. Pretty scary looking critters. They make a distinctive terrifying clicking noise, or so we’re told. The movie really never drives that point home. they do make a clicking noise, but it’s never scary or memorable.


There is a lot of violence and swearing and probably just barely holds on to a PG-13 rating, but almost no sexual content.


I don’t regret watching it, but I’ll probably not watch it ever again. I give it a 6/10. It just doesn’t stick the landing and doesn’t have anything particularly exceptional about it.


One more gripe is there was some pretty heavy handed attempts at humour that didn’t work out for me.


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